Saturday, December 26, 2009

A tree and a song

One tree on the edge of a field, it's branches spreading wide and tall, each branch carefully trimmed off on the ends, manecured to perfection. White bark like a birch tree and medium sized green leaves like a ficus, but this kind of tree is special, because in the hands of a true artist, and if trimmed well, then the wind as it flows throw the tree creates music, a melodic tinkling of sound that is unique to each tree and each artist. Now imagine a glade of these trees, each one sounding slightly different, each one trimmed to be in harmony with it's neighbors, the mind processing each sound as complimentary to the others, similar but just a shade different, as if a gentle kaleidescope of soft pastels on the edge of an endless sea of wheat colored grass. This is the dream I had.
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