Friday, June 10, 2011

Reverse dreams?

In many of these dreams, it's like I enter some other life and experience that person's or creature's thoughts. At first, my own regular thoughts are predominate, but then shortly, I 'remember' the 'truth' about the place I am now at and my thoughts quickly are bent to those of the creature's mind that I inhabit.

But can it it happen the other way? Can their minds come into my mind? Can they briefly inhabit me with their thoughts before my mind takes back control?

The other day, I was driving my car at night. Few other cars were on the road. I was relaxing and enjoying the process of driving without tons of traffic in my way, when I found myself idly worrying that since it was late, how soon would it be before they shut down all the roads for nighttime? Would I make it in time or would they shut down the roads before I got home? I realized I had not planned properly for this trip.

Then suddenly I remembered that they don't shut down the roads at night. Duh! Roads are typically open all the time. Why had I even thought such a weird wrong thing in the first place? Where had such a thought come from?
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