How to Find Solutions

A post from a blog called Psiche has inspired me. (full original post here. ) How do you find solutions to seemingly impossible problems? Perhaps RedCairo has some insight:

I remembered Nero once sitting in on one of my dreams, and telling me (repeatedly, because I am so dense…) how I had to know a solution existed, no matter how impossible it seemed. I mean totally have faith/believe it WAS there, and then look for the feeling of that energy, that solution and there it would be. He had played it out with me in my dream many times. It felt a lot like that same dynamic. You couldn’t “think about it” to fix it. There was utterly no hope for the ‘rational’ side of the problem! That much was obvious.

So you had to make a place inside you for the solution, and then you had to *know* it was there and *look for it* while knowing it was there to be found, so that those two activities in combination created this “tuning into the probability” effect that would make it so. It would bring you to a probability, out of infinite experience, that gave you what you needed. The solution would often be something you never would have thought of in a million years. Or, hilariously, it was often what I call “Scooby-Doo Logic,” where something completely “accidental” and unexpected happened — say it with me, “Incredible Luck” — that would totally give you the clue or change the outcome.


Then I realized I couldn’t remember the dream that was so clear earlier, nor the foreign problem and solution I’d been focused on. Darn it. They were interesting and I wanted to blog them and now I couldn’t. But I did remember the point of it, and felt someone internally was showing me this, when I reacted with disappointment to the memory part. Like, “Hey, you are missing the point! The point wasn’t those situations, it was the resolution they had in common!”

The point of it was that solutions are not found in “the topography of situational energy” but in the core. This has a translation: The solution is seldom found in the ‘logical’ part of the situation, the surface “presented-problem” as one would say in therapy, and that’s why some problems, as the saying goes, are such a tangle of hopelessness that we have no sword but laughter. They seem hopeless because their solution is not something logic can address. If it could, it probably wouldn’t have become that terrible a snarl to begin with.

You have to meditate on the whole thing together, to begin. “Let it be” inside you for awhile. While you do this, some part of you figures out the pattern of energy, just like how your eyes-brain subconsciously find the visual pattern in those 3-D magic-eye pictures. Accept everything. You have to, because the answer is always in the key of the problem and if you’re rejecting the problem, like you can’t even let yourself be honest about its existence and reality, then you’re not giving yourself the full energy pattern to work with. OK, so you’ve got it all inside you and some part of you is mapping out the whole situation, and the problem inherent, which in a truer energetic-sense is more like an impossible tangle-ball of what used to be a fine gold chain, and less like whatever surface-situational thing we think is the problem.

Then you have to “grok” — truly have faith, believe, understand, accept — that the answer IS actually inside there. It is a pattern within the pattern. A hidden picture, except it is energy that feels like it is inside your torso. You haven’t seen it yet consciously maybe but you have to totally trust that it IS there. The solutions is creatively compiled *from* the problem+situation, so it cannot fail to be there, because there’s lots of energy and always enough to creatively compile a solution.

This is not about THIS problem, whatever it might, it’s about ALL problems no matter what they are. The main reason we doubt solutions is because we look not at energy patterns — if we did, we would recognize everything more clearly — but we look at the surface of the problem. Its novelty distracts us! Oh, TODAY the problem is our boss, our wife, our car, our health, our presence in a foreign country, sure… but those are just the pictures on the surface.

It is like how the same archetypal “plots” make up hundreds of movies, but the characters and specific situations change. It’s all the same plot; the energy pattern is the same, in whole or in part. Maybe just how fundamental this is isn’t obvious. For example people compare Avatar to Dances with Wolves or Fern Gully, but those are just the most-obvious archetypes. The energetic relationships that both define and resolve ‘the problem’ are more versatile than that. For example, in one movie, it is tall blue aliens on another planet in Avatar sitting on a natural resource, and the soldier there from the enemy who is changed in part by his relationship with a woman of their people, following a shift in his feelings about himself when he is ‘freed’ from a limiting physical situation (his legs). But in Pretty Woman it’s a corporate takeover man who is changed in part by his relationship with the man who owns the company, following a shift in his feelings about himself when he is ‘freed’ from a limiting psychological situation (about his father). The movies are nothing alike, but the same ‘problem dynamics’ in small or large pieces are arrayed all around us in the real world and in what we create, see?

For the most part, a small number of fundamental energy complexes populate our reality and our problems. Being holographic in nature, it’s simply that they replicate into every aspect of reality that we create, because the patterns inside us are always present in the screen-pictures we project outward as our reality.

So it’s not about the situation we distract ourselves with on the surface, it’s about the basics of how energy functions, fundamentally, which is no different in any given situation. Every problem you have ever solved, every solution you have ever discovered, every moment of luck or synchronicity you have ever had, both in life and in dreams, from personal relationships to near-misses on the highway to a lucky shopping day, all of these are repeated evidence that this works, that your answer-pattern is ‘within’ the larger situational and problem-pattern, like some kind of gematria of energy-anagrams inside you, and you can and will find it if you allow this to happen.

You merely need to accept that it’s there, and look for it knowing you’ll find it any second now, and it’s going to present itself. There is this shift, this “inversion of energy” inside you, and suddenly there is that pattern-of-solution! Suddenly visible like a flower handed you from the very inner-middle, one creatively manifested out of the very kaleidascope of energy of the problem itself.

Like the first time you ever see the true 3D-ness of those magic eye pictures, do you remember your first time? I remember mine, and I was going, “No way! Oh my God! That is so cool! How is this possible?!” The first time I saw one of those was during my ‘Bewilderness’ era and it sparked more metaphysics than any other event for quite awhile.

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