Sunday, February 22, 2009

Eye Candy

I sit alluringly at the top of these stairs, my tight sparkling blue and red dress showing off every curve of my perfect hips and body, and my long shiny black hair pulled into an elaborately loose updo that took hours to achieve. My life is calm and relaxing. My job is only to look beautiful and be gracious.

I have placed myself here in this spot on these stairs so that people can see my beauty as they enter our house. My husband's friends will be visiting soon and he will want them to see me and be jealous of me. He didn't specifically say this to me, but instinctively I know how to best grace this house. These talents have been ingrained in me since my birth. I please men with my beauty and delicacy. I am an exquisite decoration that brings the utmost pride to my household.

My husband is over twice my age and ordinary in appearance, but that's fine with me. He is wealthy and gives me everything I need. As long as I do my job, he is satisfied. In fact, I am reassured to know I am the most valuable thing in this house. Every visitor looks to me with desire and/or jealousy. They all either want me or wish they could be me. But only my husband can have me. I am fully satisfied with my life.

It never once occurs to me that the situation might change when I become older and less attractive. I only live in the now.


  1. Interesting dream!
    Did the girl love her husband?

  2. My feeling was it was not really love like we usually think of it, more like she was happy to have a good situation in general. I don't think she was raised with the same kinds of concepts of love and marriage as is commonly taught now.


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