Monday, March 2, 2009

Fighting 'the Field'

I was following my partner. From behind, I could see he had somewhat short tussled dark brown hair and medium of height and wiry of build. He was wearing one of those long black trench coats that splits high along the back. He was very much a stereotype. I was just 'me.' I don't know who I was.

In front of us was a deep chasm similar to how subway tracks are dipped down lower so that the train door will be at ground level for passengers, except this chasm was narrower and much deeper. We were running on tile and I could see the tile continued down onto the vertical walls of the chasm but I was too busy to think much about it. We were in a hurry.

My partner jumped over the chasm, his trench coat flailing out to the sides as he did so, and then he headed to the right. I jumped over behind him and headed to the left. About 5 feet past the chasm was a structure of rough grey stone sides and glass panel windows that we wanted to enter. I had the feeling it was unoccupied for now but still might have security systems in place. I quickly found a large doorway similar to large doorways in a large store at a mall. It was made of glass but each time I made to approach it, giant metal gates or cogs would move and block my way. The metal pieces had varying shapes and would fit into each other in varying ways, each time different. For each configuration, gaps existed between the metal parts that a person could theoretically fit through, but approaching the gaps resulted in movement of the metal pieces. I had the feeling it was a giant moving puzzle that would most likely crush me if I tried to get past.

I decided to run back to the right side of the building to see if my partner was having better luck and quickly found a more ordinary metal door that was swung open and looked to have been bent and damaged. It was hanging akimbo. I ran in after my partner.

Inide was like a large mall store with tiled hall passages and metal shelves of things. But there were also these 2 foot long light green blobs on the floor that appeared as a cross between frogs and light green crumpet puff balls. Each one had a big blog in the middle and the 'legs' consisted of smalling blobs. I had the feeling they were alive in some simple way and also dangerous, although they were slow moving. The creatures looked surreal and cartoonish as if my mind was having trouble processing their appearance in a way I could understand. But I knew we had to act quickly.

My partner had some kind of machine that he wanted me to help him with. As I approached, I realized the machine would be hard to control, similar to how a fireman has trouble controling the end of a giant powerful water hose. But my partner now had a firm grip on the nozzle/gun end and seemed to know what he was doing. The gun thing was made of complex metal pieces with a stiff nozzle of metal the size of a small tank gun. He indicated I would need to stand right in front of him, with both of us holding the nozzle at waist height and me in the forward attacking position. I did what he said without question.

The gun/hose machine started up. I am not sure what it was doing, but I felt a huge surge of energy rushing constantly through me, so strong I could barely tolerate it at first, but I seemed to adapt slightly as the process went on. Or at least it seemed less painful. I had the impression I was simply adapting to the pain but it was still just as powerful.

With the operation of the machine was a very loud noise that was like a cross between the sound of a giant angry bee and the sound of a dental drill cutting into a tooth. The sound pulsed like an engine rapidly turning over and would rise up to an earsplitting violent crescendo and then cycle back down to a slightly quieter less rapid noise pulse. I could not decipher if it was actually me or if it was the machine that was making this noise as we worked. I had the impression that perhaps it was really both of us but especially me and that the sound/energy of it was important to the process. These cycles of louder and quieter buzzing noises repeated a number of times until at last we were done. There were no more of the puffy frog blobs and the energy stopped coursing through me. I relaxed a little.

I remember my partner was now telling me something and then with a start, I woke up in my bed with my heart pounding. My body felt warm as if with a slight fever and my legs ached as if from down in the marrow. I thought about the dream and managed to recall the last words my dream partner had said to me. I was sure I would not forget but I forced myself to find a piece of paper and a pen to write down his words anyway. The heat in my body and the discomfort in my legs continued for quite some time and although I felt very tired, it was several hours before I could get back to a decent level of sleep.

When I woke up in the morning, the pain and heat were gone from my body, and I had forgotten what my partner had said to me in the dream. I reached over for the scrap of paper on the nightstand. On the paper, I had written that the frog puffs were an 'equation resistance field.'

But what the heck is that!?!


  1. Hey,

    I like your site a lot! It's very helpful and has a lot of good stuff on it. Just wanted to drop by and introduce myself.

    Maybe we can do a link exchange? Let me know.

    Thank you.


  2. I like it too. I like that you seem to have intense persistant dreaming states like me. I don't know why I am afraid to write my dreams down. It sounds nuts but I feel an air of top secret about them. My dream life seems to be more eventlful than my wakeful state or even my RV state. I awoke this morning knowing that what I had dreamed was very very dangerous and that I had been saved by the tips of my tailfeathers. Thanks for sharing.


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