Sunday, May 17, 2009

You are All Evil

I approach the woman behind the counter and she says to me, "Oh I know you! You are evil!"

I am surprised. "What?" I say, as confusion mixes with slowly kindling anger at this insult.

"You are evil and so is your whole group." she says, "That's what they told me. Everyone knows that." And then she stands there watching me as placidly as a glacier in a gentle snow fall.

Vaguely, I am aware of several others who have come in with me and now stand around me and I wonder if perhaps those are the group members she refers to as also being evil. Anger gives way to confusion as I consider this statement. Am I evil? I don't think I ever considered it. So I look inward now at my strengths and weaknesses, at my faults and at my frailties. But no, I am relatively sure I am not evil, certainly not perfect but I think still far from evil. "I think you have gotten some wrong information." I tell her calmly. Too bad she can't look into my mind and see for herself, I think to myself.

The woman continues to regard me for a few moments and then another woman walks up behind her with a huge box in her hands. The two woman hold the box out and offer it to me over the counter, but I am reluctant to take it, as if the perception of greed might only worsen my supposedly already existing reputation of being evil.

But they insist the box is a free and kind gift so I step forward and look warily inside the big box to see a swirly white material on the bottom as if decorative cake topping had been applied directly to the bottom of the box. Colors swirled in on one end of the box make an obscure pattern and I wonder at the nature of the gift.

The women continue to assure me it is a free gift and so, wondering if it will be heavy, I finally reach out to take the box. Then I wake up.


  1. A galaxy in a box? Lol... cool! Maybe if it happens again you can go "into" the box and see what happens - (that's the kind of stuff my comic mind comes up with - which helps in dreams to get to the "depth" of things - like the depth of the meaning of something odd like that -).
    Did you meet your personified bad conscience...? What did you do to feel guilty about? Those are the first two questions that come to mind when reading your dream. (Don't feel you are evil, but we ourselves can make ourselves feel guilty about things and then they come out like that in dreams -).

  2. In the dream it was like I got caught in a generalized stereotype such that once I was recognized as part of a group, and the person had been told that all of that group was evil, then in her mind, I must be evil.

  3. So basically it was a mirror you encountered - upon which you reached the realization of ability to question the reality of the situation? Or which highlighted your own state.
    - It seems to happen often in real life that way, too. But often, people feel offended instead of introspecting and using the oncoming information to explore.

  4. I was offended at first, but then curiosity and introspection won out.


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