Friday, January 1, 2010


I am lounging on the couch, watching tv, when a shadow moves across the wall behind the tv. I am startled and the shadow is soon gone. The sole source of light is in front of me an above me, a simple hanging light fixture. I quickly look between the light bulbs and the wall but I don't see anything. I am confused for a few seconds but blow it off and am soon back to watching tv.

Then it happens again. And again. And then one more time. The movement pattern of the shadow could best be described as a rapid floating pattern, too fast to be from wind or air in a closed room, but it moved in a slightly wavering up and down path, and would either turn off or disappear as it reached the console that the tv sits on top of. Each time, I inspected the situation more carefully, checking the air space, checking the light bulb for bugs, checking everything I can think of. The dog remains curled contentedly on the floor, barely taking note of my activities.

Eventually, I get up and attempt to replicate the shadow. From what I can tell, the source of the shadow must have been approximately fist sized and approximately half way between the light bulbs and the wall that cast the shadow. I have lived in this house approximately nine years now and but I'll be damned if I can explain that shadow.


  1. That's kinda creepy -- well, or at least disconcerting. It makes me wonder how many things which are invisible to us yet solid enough to cast shadows might actually interact in our reality. How would ever know, except for little clues like that?

  2. It never occured to me that something invisible could make a shadow. If you can't see it, then how does it block light? Unless there is some mundane explanation I haven't deciphered, I have to wonder if someone or thing or myself was messing with my perception. It almost makes more sense to me that the shadow was my brain's way of processing some kind of information. The more I think of it, the stranger the experience, as if each time, I couldn't quite focus my brain totally on the shadow. Did it just disappear too fast or was it some kind of brain perception thing? Not sure..


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