Friday, May 18, 2012

3 Weird Dreams, Likely Symbolic, Probably Boring

Two nights ago, I alternated between 3 dreams repeatedly.  I imagine they probably meant something as they were each very intense, but what they may mean is open to interpretation and as well, they may mean many things on many levels. I'm writing them here so I won't forget.  Ironically, I can't remember which dream came first so I will just go from least interesting to the really weird one at the end. 

I was at a school, somewhat similar to my old elementary school, and walking around outside on a busy street similar to a busy street that was in front of my old elementary school.  There was some issue about directions and catching the bus and getting home or getting somewhere. I was on the corner waiting and a bit confused.  Then a bicycle rode by without any rider.  It was moving by itself, which even in a dream, I thought rather odd and interesting, so I chased it down and grabbed it. 

Between the handle bars, instead of a person, was stretched something that looked like fabric, white in the back with a dark patch in the middle.  I interpreted it to be some kind of symbol or sign that gave information.  I spent some time studying the bicycle and wondering why/how it could move by itself.  I jumped between the other dreams and this dream of the bicycle a few times, repeating parts of it several times, until in the last segment of the episode, I concluded that the bicycle was some kind of fundraising vehicle that was sent out on automatic to gather funds for a project.  It even seemed like I had found some kind of written note to that effect somewhere in a small area of the stretched white fabric.  It occured to me that if that was the case, then I should then let the bicycle go on about its way now that it was 'explained' and its purpose was somewhat important. 

The 2nd ongoing dream also had me in a school, but it seemed more like how my old kindergarten school used to be.  All the other kids were in the classroom studying but I felt like that stuff they were learning was boring and too easy and I knew that stuff anyway, so I elected to stay outside and follow around a teacher that was doing something outside, even though on some level I felt that was kind of a bad lazy thing to be doing. 

The teacher was walking around the building doing this and that and I was basically tagging along and chatting a bit.  Then he said he had figured out a new shape for a knife that was different than the old shape and that he hoped it might work better.  He seemed excited about the new idea.  The new shape was a bit rounder near the hilt and longer and thinner at the tip.  He had me stick out my leg, which was bare, and he scraped the knife along the leg at some black squiggly things on the leg that looked like hair, but they did not seem to be affected by the knife.  Then he scraped harder at one and it seemed to become more exposed and easy to see, but it would not scrape away.  He seemed disappointed that the new design did not work better and that we would just have to continue on at the same rate as previously and that was OK too.  This dream too, kept jumping in and out with parts repeating, until finally the end with new knife and then the dream ended for good. 

The last dream, the last segment of which was the last dream I had before waking, involved a room that was reminiscent of several of my old bedrooms with white furniture.  At first, water was attempting to rush out of a big cracked and mangled corner of the room.  Water would rush and seep through mangled cracks, but a large box was stuck in the crack.  There was much consternation by someone that was around that this thing/box was stuck and being stuck was bad.  Who was the upset person?  I did not feel, ironically, that it was me, just someone around the area at first as if there was someone just out of my visual field.  Also, I had a vague impression of some kind of wailing or groaning made by someone, and that the water was contaminated and the walls were being rotted and contaminated by the process.

Next was several segments in which the water appeared to be going the opposite direction, this time rushing in from the crack.  The water seemed fairly clean and there was only a little bit of staining around the edges of the mangled wall parts.  I remember watching many times as water came in through these cracks and fissures in the wall and I got the impression that it was overall a good thing. 

Then finally, I looked behind me to see the rest of the room.  There on the other side of the room was a giant humanlike fetus thing.  It was basically human shaped but about 3 or 4 times too big to have been of a human.  It was also like part flesh and part skeleton as if the flesh part was not done yet and in some places, like on the hands, the skeleton was still exposed because the concept of the flesh was not fully formed.  Or like the flesh was more of a concept superimposed over a different structure underneath.  It was creepy looking and there was a kind of wailing or moaning coming from the area around it.  It thrashed in a strange relaxed way and light and mist seemed to swirl and flicker around it.  For some reason, I kept looking at the hands where the flesh concept didn't quite cover over the skeletons fingers.  Then I woke up.      

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