Monday, July 6, 2009

Song of the Past

I looked at my long blonde hair. Somehow I could see how it looked behind my back, from an angle which my real eyes could never see, and I was admiring it. Briefly, I wondered when it had gotten so long. Didn't I used to have shorter hair? Nah, of course it has always been long and lush like that. What was I thinking to consider otherwise!

We were on the road driving this big truck. In the background, someone was telling me all kinds of facts about trucking in California and how various roads were originally constructed for various purposes like to get fruit to the railroad where it could be shipped. I was told how some kinds of produce had amusing nicknames that made their way into the names of streets.

In the background, I could also hear a country and western song playing. The man who sang it had a beautiful melodious voice and the song was somewhat related to our subject of conversation. I remember the last line which went, "Whatcha gotta do is come down to that little torn up town!" and then the song ended and I instantly snapped awake.

I was left wondering where that song had come from. I can't recall ever having heard such a song and nothing comes up on a google search for the words in the last line, but it's amazing to even consider that my subconscious could have invented a whole song like that on the fly.


  1. That's very cool. I've had whole songs and BOOKS in dreams! I just wish I could remember enough of them when I wake up! Many years ago I caught the last line of a song as I woke up; I was playing guitar and singing, "I am colored outside the lines..." Jane Roberts has some interesting stuff along these lines, a whole 'library' of books she got access to sometimes. I tend to see these kinds of dreams as "sitting in" -- literally 'real', though probably not in our 'reality' at least much of the time.

    Do you ever get that feeling all the sudden of more intense awareness? As if there is some other/larger part of you watching/observing 'through' you right that moment? I don't know what that means but I have had that often. I wonder if that is some other aspect experiencing through 'me', in turn.

  2. Some say that dreams allow you to experience a reality that you wouldn't, otherwise, dare to experience.

    Personally, I'm not sure how I view them.

    Thanks for the thought on this subject :)

  3. Red, yes, I have had that extra clear awareness at times. For some reason, I had never considered it might be some kind of visiting brain power type of thing! I had thought maybe my body/mind was in peak balance at that time. Interesting to consider it might be something else.

    Teresa, yeah, not sure what is going on. The older I get, the more I realize I know less!


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