Sunday, August 2, 2009

Mental Winds

Two nights ago, I lay down to sleep and drifted off to blackness. Then I felt a huge wind blast through me. It felt as if it was not only physical but also mental, as if it blew through my mind going from right to left quickly. In retrospect, I heard no movement of any items in the room, so most likely it was only the perception of a wind through some of my senses. But I did hear the sound of the wind itself, first in the right ear and then in the left. I can't decide if I thought it was somehow alive or not. My mind cannot classify the feeling. But it startled me wide awake in an instant. I lay listening for some time and then chalked it off as yet another one of those weird things and then I went back to sleep.

I did not think of it again, until shortly after falling asleep the next night. When it happened again. This time for some reason, I was even more unnerved by it. It felt exactly the same, going from right to left as if a great wind passed through my spirit. Could it be a ghost? I lay away for quite some time until my nerves settled and I finally fell asleep again.

I wonder if it will happen again tonight.


  1. That could be a number of things, did it happen again?

    You could be dreaming/wandering and not remember and thats the thud of you returning back to yourself, or you could be having a nightmare and not remember and thats how your body woke you up.

    I dont think its a ghost though.

  2. That's very... ODD. The only thing I can even compare it with (as I haven't had the experience) is over-rapport in RV, when I literally feel as if someone else's "astral body" is "squishing me" as if it's literally attempting to stuff into my physical body with me. I don't even believe in that model of things, I don't even think it makes sense, but "spiritual/astral-squishing" really IS what it feels like. I certainly am not normally aware of anything but my ordinary body yet during that moment I feel as if there is a... well, almost what you'd think of literally if you imagined a not-physical yet not-not-physical, either, 'astral self' inside or perhaps just taking up the 'physical' space the normal body does. Anybody who's felt "the astral body" (or whatever you want to call it) understands it's not imagination, it's just something one isn't normally aware of, but can be. This sounds like something on that level to me.

  3. Well it hasn't repeated whatever it was! I just don't have anything to compare it to other than a strong wind.


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