Friday, March 5, 2010

Dream Lover #2

I was asleep on a large bed in a room with other large beds (not where I sleep in waking life). A woman came to me and asked me if she and her boyfriend could share my bed. I said, "Sure, why not?" It seemed like the polite thing to do. She said, "Thank you." I slept for a while. Eventually, I realized I was curled up at the end of the bed, essentially hogging that whole end. I wondered if the others would want to stretch out. If so, they could not while I was taking the whole end. I asked the woman if they wanted to stretch out because if so, I would take one side instead of one end. She said sure. Some time passed and I drifted into another slightly different state of consciousness.

Then I realized there was a hand on my stomach. I knew it was a man's hand, and I liked it, but I could barely feel it. By now, I had forgotten all about any previous exchanges with the woman. I only thought about what was happening right at that second, which seemed sudden and spontaneous to me. And pleasing. But I was not sure how to make the feeling stronger. I wondered if it was my imagination at times. Or a dream. Then I had the sudden idea to just stop questioning if it was real or hoping it was real and just IMAGINE it was real. So I imagined the hand was really there.

Immediately, the man materialized next to me, accompanied by a sort of slurping sound as the image came together, starting with the hand and quickly spreading to the rest of him. I was shocked. It had never happened this way before. No one had ever actually materialized like that before and it was so easy and sudden! I was excited and the man looked excited. He was muscular and good looking and seemed very pleased with himself and me.

He immediately introduced himself by saying cordially, "My name is Derek Miller." My mind was spinning a mile a minute now with questions and excitement. But in the back of my head, I remembered that name. That was the name of a boy I once knew in early childhood. And somehow I knew this guy in front of me was not that guy from my childhood. I figured the one here now must have pulled the name from my memory in order to have some name to give me.

Excitedly, I asked the man in front of, "How do I do that again?" meaning the materialization.

He answered, "All you have to do is miss me less." This confused me as I was not aware of missing anyone, certainly not a man I did not think I knew in the first place. I thought about what happened and how I decided to use my imagination. I did't think I had ever tried that method before and rationalized that maybe when he said "don't miss me," he meant something like assume he was there instead of missing him. Anyway, I felt like I knew enough to do it again, even if I didn't entirely understand his statement.

I leaned forward now so I was on top of him and his legs were around me. I am not sure exactly what we are doing. It was not exactly sex but we seemed to be naked and the feeling was that warm fuzzy nice feeling like sex can give you. Questions flooded my mind and I said, "Oh my god so who are you and why did you come here?"

He answered, "Someone, a lady, told me you had nothing to do."

I asked, "So how did you get here?"

He answered, "It was the dilithium dilithium."

Incrediously, I blurted out "You mean like on STAR TREK?!!!" Now I was getting really suspicious that he was pulling stupid stuff out of my head. Dilithium is a fictitious power source on the Star Trek TV show series. He could't possibly expect me to believe THAT!

But he continued on despite my objections saying, "Something about the dilithium dilithium-When we encountered the dark star crystal, it ran out of something underneath." I could see him concentrating as he was trying to find the words to explain this and he did not appear to take note of my skepticism. His answer came out slowly and I had time to ask one more question as he was still speaking.

I asked him again, "So who are you?" And then I snapped suddenly awake in my waking world bed, laughing and confused. I was excited to finally have a conversation with some kind of apparent entity. But yet his answers seemed far from satisfying and enlightening. But apparently, I learned something. Apparently, in order to speak to these kinds of creatures, they seem to need some help from my end. They seem to need me to believe they are already there in order for me to see them, or at least that is how I interpret it.

I had never tried this before, but had many times wondered why others have reported speaking to guides and I have never been able to do so. Maybe this is why. Because they need a bit of help from my end and I have never before given that help in the form of believing. The entity I spoke with did not seem to be just a mere thoughtform, an empty boring shell of a creature that does not speak and never surprises. This one did surprise and often confuse me. Yet, the answers could easily have all come from my imagination.

I got out of bed and immediately wrote everything down so I would not forget later. And the next day, I did a google on dilithium and found there really is a thing called dilithium and that it is a molecule consisting of two lithium atoms. Ironically, lithium ions have been found to help regulate mood swings but I couldn't find much especially about dilithium itself. If I see this guy again, hopefully I will be able to get better and more interesting answers out of him! Or are they out of me?

[Addendum: Of note are similarities between this incident and the one described in the first Dream Lover post. Could this be the same couple and/or the same guy? Maybe. And now that I reread that, I remember that although I do not remember examining his face much, Dream Lover #2 had a European sounding accent. Wow, now how did I manage to forget that!]


  1. Wow, that's kinda freaky! The way he came in. I've encountered 'entities' that I wouldn't call guides or Aeons or anything, before, and like elementals they seemed rather... simple. I wonder if this could be something like that. Incubus? (Or is that Succubus, I forget which gender is which.) I wonder if you could find him again on purpose.

    I wonder if you'd been sleeping more deeply if his answers would have made more sense to you. I find sometimes the same kind of answer when I am really altered state makes a lot more sense than when I am a little bit lucid or logical.

  2. This has happened before many times I think (See the dream lover post that came before this one), but always he never could materialize. Also weird about this one, our conversation was much more like regular talking. It wasn't like thinking at eachother. So I didn't get deeper understanding with what he was saying, only the words, which for me is unusual. Yeah, I was wondering if it was like incubus/succubus thing too, but I think I have encountered those many times in the past and they seem much simpler and more machiavellian. They also seem to like to pretend to be someone you know, but the second you realize they are not, they have always immediately disappeared. Plus if you think about it for a sec, you just realize there is sorta of a predator thing with them which you can feel right away once you become slightly conscious. IME, they just feel a diff way and can only fool you if your consciousness stays really low and weak. But this one, I could not get much of a mental feel for him other than kind of an excitement about materializing. PLus there was that woman who seemed to be involved. I am not sure, but they may be the same two I have encountered in the past (like in the first dream lover post. If so, then seems like they try to help with health issues of mine at times. Anyway, for whatever reason, I am not really worried about them, but I am very curious.


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